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Online Marketing Series - Content Marketing - with Winley Vellin

March 28, 2022 Gerald, Jason, and Marc Season 10 Episode 2
Entrepreneurs Talk Africa
Online Marketing Series - Content Marketing - with Winley Vellin
Show Notes

In this second episode of our mini-series dedicated in to Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs, led by the digital marketing expert Winley Vellin, we cover the topic of content.

Winley shared about the importance of keeping your content; relevant, valuable and, relatable.

If you think that content is all about text, then broaden your perspective to include new formats such as podcasts, videocasts, and infographics amongst others.

Winley shared with us some quick actionable tips to generate traffic on on your website such as X versus Y posts. 
For example "MailChimp versus HubSpot" style blog posts. Tune into the podcast to hear more about it and learn how to generate substantial and relevant traffic to your website.

We also explored the content creation framework called PBC framework (PBC standing for Preview Benefits and Call to actions) to develop your content strategy and we also touch on the topic of evergreen content.

To conclude here are some interesting tools that was share during the podcast episode that you can add into your tool digital marketing toolbox:

- animalz
- explodingtopics.com 
- questiondb amongst others (listen to the podcast for more tools, tips and ideas).

Enjoy this second episode of this mini-series wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

About Winley
Winley is what we can qualify as a pure digital marketer. With more than a decade of experience in the field of digital marketing and exposure in various industries ranging from hospitality, travel, and consumer goods where he distilled his expertise, he is well versed into his subject.

He founded the digital marketing agency future buzz and developed their digital marketing approached dubbed the Buzz Spot.

Connect with Winley via his LinkedIn account here