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Online Marketing Series - Digital - with Winley Vellin

April 04, 2022 Gerald, Jason, and Marc Season 10 Episode 3
Entrepreneurs Talk Africa
Online Marketing Series - Digital - with Winley Vellin
Show Notes

Welcome to the third episode of our mini-series on Entrepreneurs Talk Africa focused on Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs. This week with our digital marketing expert guest Winley Vellin, we tackle the theme of Digital. 

First of all, we have to clearly distinguish that Digital is a component of Online Marketing, even though more often than not these terms are used interchangeably.

Digital is the channel that helps you reach your target audience, interact with them and ultimately build relevant relationships with them.

This podcast episode is really insightful as it gives you several snackable insights that you can incorporate in your digital marketing mix and digital strategy and start shifting your digital performance.

The 5 W (well 4W1H) framework to build your Digital Strategy.

Winley gave an easy framework to work with while laying down the foundation of your digital strategy:

  • Why are you doing what you are doing?
  • Who are you targeting?
  • What message are you putting out?
  • When are you going to push your content to your audience?
  • How are you going to do all of that?

We also talked about how the good Ol’ Email marketing channel is STILL WORKS. Sending out personalised email can go a long way. Winley talked about up to 70% open rate while industry average is at 15%.

Suggested Tool: Active Campaign

On a closing note, we emphasized on the value of collaboration with others and how this can lead to deep-rooted synergies and exponential growth potential.

Tune in here to listen to the podcast episode and learn more on how you can better leverage Online Marketing for your business.