Entrepreneurs Talk Africa: Uncovering the Stories of Africa's Rising Business Stars

Evolution Series - Gabriel Delerue - Fleeti

May 22, 2023 Gerald, Jason, and Marc Season 12 Episode 9
Entrepreneurs Talk Africa: Uncovering the Stories of Africa's Rising Business Stars
Evolution Series - Gabriel Delerue - Fleeti
Show Notes

The Rising Potential of Africa - A Conversation with Jason Delorie and Gabriel Delerue

We met Gabriel for the first time  in March 2021, Season 5, Episode 10. In this episode we move from Mauritius to Morocco where Gabriel and his family now reside. Gabriel, co-founder and CEO of Fleeti, shares his growth, expansion ambitions, and challenges he faced over the last two years.

Join us on this exciting episode of "Entrepreneurs Talk Africa", as we delve into a fascinating conversation with Jason Delorie and Gabriel Delerue. The dynamic duo discuss the evolving entrepreneurial landscape in Africa, the importance of infrastructure development, and the growth potential of the continent. This conversation will inspire, educate, and pique your curiosity.

Key points discussed in this episode:

1. **The Changing Face of Africa** - Jason Delorie shares his observations on the fast-paced movement, development, and investment in African infrastructure. Gabriel Delerue reflects on the increasing self-sufficiency seen in many African countries, where local talent is stepping up to meet domestic needs instead of relying on foreign aid or intervention. 

2. **Africa's Self-Sufficiency Trend** - Gabriel talks about the growing trend of countries leveraging local talent and resources for their development, reducing reliance on foreign entities. He discusses the effects of this trend on the continent's growth and positivity.

3. **Business Growth Lever** - Jason asks Gabriel to reveal the one thing that had the most impact on his company's ability to scale in different markets. Gabriel emphasizes the importance of focus and hard work, and how these have been vital to their business growth.

4. **Advice for Entrepreneurs** - Gabriel shares his insights on the challenges of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of focusing on a single problem at a time. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to "fake it till you make it" and persist in the face of failure.

5. **Looking Ahead** - Gabriel gives an exciting update about their future plans, revealing that they aim to expand their company to three more countries by the end of the year. He also shares his thoughts on balancing a day job with a side hustle to validate your business idea.

Reference: https://www.fleeti.co.

Don't miss out on this insightful episode! Dive into the podcast to gain a deeper understanding of Africa's entrepreneurial journey, lessons learned, and strategies for scaling businesses. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, this conversation is a goldmine of valuable advice.

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